Loving the Wildlife & Critters, Fruits and Veggies Here at Osa Mountain Village!

One of the many things that I love about Toucan Valley is the wildlife. Fantastic insects, parrots, toucans and on and on. It is an almost endless stream of creatures and critters that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. And the fruit and veggies….pineapples, taro (makes wonderful French fries – better than potatoes) organic citrus, lettuce and bok choy. Pristinely clean air. It’s a nature lover’s haven.
Art P. & Family(Current Residents and Lovers of Nature!)

We Were One of the First Families Here at Osa Mountain Village!

Way back in September of 2010 I was having lunch at work. My husband and I had already decided we wanted to move out of Silicon Valley, California and had started exploring international options. Costa Rica was at the top of our list because of the wonderful stories we had heard from friends and family. I was cruising the internet looking at “for sale by owner” properties in Costa Rica when I happened to see a link to Osa Mountain Village. 

Mind you, we had never been to Costa Rica.

My husband had already made the decision he did not want to move to some gringo gated community for obvious reasons. As I perused OMV’s website I became intrigued. So I signed up for more information. I told my husband on the phone not to delete the email if he saw it because I was curious.
When I came home from work that evening after another usual 12 hour day, my husband, Mitchell, grinned at me like the Cheshire Cat. “I’ve found it,” he said. What? Apparently he had seen that reply from my email asking for more information from Osa Mountain Village and had attended the webinar that Thursday night. His mind was made up.
That was the beginning of our Costa Rican adventure. By the next month we had put down a $15,000 non-refundable deposit for Lot 2 at OMV. Everyone we knew thought we were absolutely crazy. By the beginning of that December in 2010 we had taken our first trip to Costa Rica, visited OMV, saw our lot and paid cash for the balance. By March 15, 2011, a mere 6 months from the day I saw that link, we had sold everything, grabbed our 2 indoor cats and boarded a plane to begin our lives in Paradise.
16 months living on a deck we built on our property with 2 tents and 2 cats we gave up on trying to keep indoors, was NOT the “luxury camping” Mitchell used to talk me into it (I was hoping for a nice villa rental). Cold showers in the rain, mud everywhere, finally enclosing the whole deck in tarps once we realized a 4 foot roof overhang would not keep the rain out (we were SO naive), 5 hours trying to start the charcoals so I could cook dinner…fun stuff! But once we got our house built it was all worth it.
The last 6+ years have been, to say the least, an adventure as we have lived in this community longer than anyone else. Our decision to move permanently to Osa Mountain Village was one of the best we’ve made. This mountain is magical. The 250+ degree unobstructed million dollar view of the valleys, Osa Peninsula (the most bio-diverse spot on the planet) and Pacific Ocean from our front deck, unbelievable sunsets, scarlet macaws and toucans flying at eye level and landing in the trees, lush primary rainforests teeming with life and sounds, fresh, unpolluted water and air. Who even needs a television around here anymore?
We have made more valuable, lifelong friends here in the last 6 years both on and off the mountain than all the years spent living in the US. The Costa Rican people are beautiful, happy, charming, helpful and generous. The ex-Pat community is amazing. This is a peaceful country and we are living a peaceful life overflowing with everything we need. And we have been living here and surviving quite well on my Social Security alone.
So, if you are reading this, my advice to you is come to Osa Mountain Village. Do yourself a favor and get out of the rat race. Find out for yourself what an amazing life awaits in this Paradise we call home. You will be welcomed as family with open arms. One can never have too many friends.
Mitchell & Charlene G.  (Current residents with an amazing view!)

An Entire Sky Full of the Brightest Stars I Have Ever Seen!

I remember my trip to Costa Rica.  Wow!  Nature at its finest. Coming from the city of Chicago, one can imagine that I am simply not used to this.  I live about a mile from the center of the city.  I am used to traffic, the smell of pizza and noise, lights and people.  I truly didn’t know how to act in this “Pura Vida” way of life!

But, the good news is that it took me about 15 minutes to gain my senses!  I made my way to Osa Mountain Village the first morning after a good night’s sleep.

On the way down to Osa from San Jose, I was pleasantly surprised. About 4 hours of amazing views, beautiful roads and more fruit stands along the route than one could ever imagine.  After eating 22 bananas and 4 mangos, I think I had my fill for the day!

We spotted a sloth crossing the road just south of Dominical.  I saw a toucan in the tree when we stopped for lunch at mile marker 144. We were blessed with a new life here, if only for a week!  Whew, I felt relaxed and vibrant again.  I shed my “Chicago skin” and was morphing into a ‘child of nature’….and IT FELT WONDERFUL!!

After arriving at Osa Mountain Village, pretty far up this amazing mountain, and after getting settled into our cozy furnished villa butting up against the jungle wall, we ate dinner and had a few glasses of wine!

I will get right to the reason of this story. . .

The sun set, the night fell and up on this mountain in Southern Costa Rica, about 2,000 feet above sea level, I though I was a visitor in the middle of heaven.  I have never seen stars before!  I was always in a big city and my father leaned towards museums, restaurants, shopping and DAILY activities as opposed to nature, night walks in the country and bonfires at night!  The stars were brilliant!  And there were so many of them.  It looked like a living mural and it felt like total bliss.  I simply cannot describe those two hours that I literally leaned back in my lounge chair and stared at millions….NO, BILLIONS…of the brightest stars laid into the blackest sky that I have ever seen in my life!

If not for anything else, visit Osa Mountain Village for the stars. Get on the freakin’ airplane and see the stars showing themselves proudly against the background of the Costa Rica night.  I promise you that it will be one memory that will never leave your mind.  It will be that ‘go to’ place that you will visit when in unbearable traffic, when you are sitting at a meeting or when engaging in a conversation with a total bore.

Pura Vida lives in me now.  And I feel alive again!

Amy G. (Recent Guest at Osa Mountain Village)

“Happy Coconuts”. . .Kari & Andy’s Blog about Costa Rica!


Kari and Andy are from Oregon.  They recently visited Costa Rica and found their way to Osa Mountain Village.  They are blessed with amazing story-telling skills and I wanted to share their travel blog with all of you!

Here is their “Costa Rica” blog: http://www.happycoconutstravelblog.com/blog/osa-mountain-villagetoucan-valley-a-secluded-jungle-paradise

Lots of stories about OMV, fun areas around our community to explore and other information about Costa Rica in general.  Be sure to follow them because they write about all of their travel adventures and always include informative links and incredible photos!

Thanks again, Kari & Andy!


My Grandpa Started Me Thinking!

When I graduated college, my grandpa made the unfortunate mistake of taking my uncle and I to Belize for some much needed R&R as an opportunity for him to look at some potential land to purchase.  We found 17 gorgeous acres nestled up next to a river, lush with natural mango and avocado trees, a massive natural cave, near one of the few nicely paved highways, minutes from a major town and tourist stop.  All for a price 1/10th of what it would cost in the United States.  He built a huge house on it that runs completely on solar power and water from the spring.  It’s a life I’ve always dreamed of and despite the insane number of bug bites I received, I’ve been hooked on living the relaxed tropical life ever since.

This article is intended to tell the story of how I made a discovery that has changed the lives of my wife and I.  How that life I had always dreamed of has become a reality.  We are young (27 & 30), educated, with middle-class incomes in the middle of the rat-race of corporate America.  It’s a life that constantly leaves you asking, “Honestly, is this the best it’s going to get?”   Then, one day I happened to be in the right place at the right time . . . . . . .but more on that later!

Thanks to Grandpa and his “I just want my grandkids to be happy,” speech, months later I found myself waking up every morning headed to my dead-end job dreaming I was somewhere else.  It was the same routine every day.  And always that fear that one day I will wake up and I’m Grandpa’s age looking back at my life thinking of what could have been.  Those days all ended with one question before I closed my eyes to sleep at night . . . . How can I live a life of adventure, fun, and luxury, yet still look at myself 30 years from now and be proud that I’ve taken care of my family as a good husband and father?  If I had my choice, I’d want to go live in some lush tropical land but not feel like I abandoned all my “adult” responsibilities at the same time.  Certainly not an easy thing to do.

I’ll admit it . . . I watch the CBS show “Survivor.”  And yes, I think I could win.  Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast, but for me it was more like Outdream since that was as close as I would ever get.  Let’s see . . . wake up in the morning to the Toucan’s perched on the tree next to you, enjoy a breakfast smoothie of fresh picked pineapple, take a waterfall hike and then an afternoon fishing outing, watch the sunset go down while I enjoy my fresh catch and an ice-cold Pina Colada.  Yeah, I could get used to that.

So that was the dream.  The dream that was a lingering question.  The seemingly impossible question of “How?”  The more time I spent trying to find a way, the more depressed I became realizing it was probably time to accept my fate.  That fate of a piña colada and vibrant red sunset would always have to be a 5 hour plane trip, 40 hours of paid-time-off, and $4,000+ on my 12.24%APR credit card away.  Ugh.  The more research I did, the more the reality set in . . . I would need to be a millionaire to be able to even come close to my dream.  Maybe my 401(k) would explode to the point that at the ripe young age of seventy, I could spend the last good years off my life wasting away on a sandy beach watching young paragliders from afar wishing I was still young enough to do that.  That was the reality.  But “was” is why I’m writing this today.  Because “was” no longer “is”.

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, see what you have been searching for and are smart enough to take advantage of it when you get the chance (that’s how I met my wife after-all).  And now, what I had been searching for “is” my reality.

My wife and I own a photography business called Shutterfire Photography and in an effort to “expand our horizons”, I decided to send out a few emails to some newer resorts where I might be able to get the exclusive on destination wedding photography.  One search on Craigslist led me to a new adventure resort community and the rest, as they say, is history. . . . .

What I discovered is a new phenomenon that is a new wave development.  It’s not just construction of a home or a business, but of a community.  This concept is so simple it’s ridiculous and it’s slowly becoming what might be the only sure thing in real estate investing.  It’s a tourist’s dream and an investor’s dream-come-true.  It’s a retiree’s oasis and dreamer’s paradise.  It’s what home and business should look like and an escape from the rat-race that has become our daily lives.  No stress, just fun.  Its adventure, meets luxury, meets income, meets the most gorgeous sunsets, stunning wildlife, and equally wonderful people that were looking for something special just like me.

And the best part about it; it’s affordable even for a young middle-class struggling Coloradoan such as myself.

Remember the days when communities used to be small, food was grown in the yard, the windmills charged the lights at the house, you locked the kids outside not in their rooms, doors could be left unlocked, the town festival was a weekend event everyone attended, the steak juiced like it was just cut off the cow, a stranger invited you over for dinner because they had a little extra, and you could just sit down and read a good book because you didn’t have anything better to do?

No? Me neither.

But in a way, this is the 21st Century version of that.  This is the past meets the future, in the present.  At least that is what it is for me.  It’s a concept that takes the best of all things and ideas. Then it makes them attainable by someone such as myself.  Because of the astounding return on investment, it’s a model that could probably be sold to some filthy rich venture capitalist who could take it and become filthier rich . . . but that’s not their style, and certainly not the “Osa Mountain Village Way.”  They would rather wake up one morning and hear on the news that communities such as theirs are popping up all over the globe.  Communities developed by common people who aren’t looking to climb Mt. Money-pile, but just want to make enough to live that perfect life they have always dreamed of and will appreciate every second of it.

It really is the best of all worlds.

If you want to just invest in the core of the business to make a great return.  You can do that.

If you want to own a gorgeous luxury villa to live and grow old in. You can do that too.

If you want to have a vacation rental where you visit a few weeks out of the year and then rent out the rest of the time, that’s a possibility here.

Or, how about owning just 4 weeks of the year so you can take a nice long family vacation each year and collect a little income to pay you back for your investment?  Yep, that’s possible too.  It’s a heck of a lot better than a timeshare.  Cheaper too!

House-swap it and go to Fiji next year.  Start a business on-site and live off of another tourist’s dime.  It’s a millionaire’s life at pennies on the dollar.  Why should only the super-rich afford to be happy and have fun?

My wife and I were looking for a change, but it had to be the right situation, and this made sense to us.

So, what is it, you are probably asking?

Imagine a 160 home community on 750+ acres.

Now imagine a community where you have incredible things to do, canopy tours (ziplines), horseback riding, kayaking, ocean and inland fishing, mountain biking and easy to walk trails through primary forest, a 325 foot ocean-view waterfall to rappel, stunning sunset ocean views, and a beautiful solar heated pool.

And then consider that your villa comes standard with the luxuries of granite countertops, custom doors, trim, and cabinets made on-site, full kitchen, deck, etc.  All made from the highest quality by an American builder formerly nominated as the best builder in all of Latin American

A community surrounded by incredible wildlife, where you feel like you are in the middle of the Amazon, yet you’re only 20 minutes from banking, shopping, new hospital…etc.

A community of diverse people from all over the world who love life…  Regular pool parties, art shows, music, poker parties, and many other events….

A community designed around sustainable technologies to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs and environmental impacts.

Overall, it is everything you need to live the luxury, adventure lifestyle of your dreams at under $500/month in living expenses

AND all that for a buy-in price that is less then what you are likely to buy your house in the States for.

It is a market proof investment… if the economy stays flat or improves then Osa Mountain Village will be the world’s premiere eco-adventure-resort.  If the economy fails, Osa Mountain Village will be a GREAT place to live where your food is essentially free, you have all the water and resources you could eve want and while others are living a stressed out struggling life-style, the most difficult question you have to ask yourself is, “Would I like to go fishing today, or relax on the beach?”  On top of all that, Osa Mountain Village has been created with zero debt and no marketing budget.  All of their sales have come from word-of-mouth advertising and free ads, like Craigslist.  Their model is completely transparent so people feel their purchase is secure and so other developers copy them to create similar amazing adventure resort communities.

That is what we found . . . that is Osa Mountain Village.

Pura Vida!

By the way, if you want to LEARN ABOUT COSTA RICA immediately, we suggest downloading some of these ebooks now at:  http://www.osamountainvillagecostarica.com/ebooksdownload.html

The Tyler S. Family (Part-time Residents at Osa Mountain Village)

The Birds Brought Me Here!

We came to Costa Rica for the birds.  There are as many species of birds in tiny Costa Rica as there are in all of North America.  The list of birds that we have observed at Osa Mountain Village is way over 100 species now.
I have installed quite a few hummingbird feeders and fruit feeders at our villa. The joy that this has given me while in Costa Rica is simply one of the best joys of my life!  If you’re coming here for the birds, you will be pleased!  If you are coming for a different reason, make it a point to learn about the birds!!
Sandie G. (Osa Mountain Village Resident)

Osa Mountain Village Brings Families Closer Together!

Our family has enjoyed three Christmas vacations at Osa Mountain Village. It’s a very special place where we can all be together without being pulled in six different directions. We welcome family members in Santa hats at the airport in San Jose as they arrive and head straight down the Pacific coast to Osa Mountain Village. On Christmas Eve, we hang stockings on palm trees and banana trees and decorate the deck with lights and mistletoe.

Beyond the waterfalls, the scarlet macaws, and sunsets it is the sense of community and cooperation that makes Osa Mountain Village such a special place. This last Christmas, Debi’s 90 year old mother joined us for three weeks. Villa owners rearranged their schedules and rentals so we could share a duplex rental with Mom. We were close enough to be present and helpful, but she was able to have her own space, privacy, and dignity; community made that possible. There was always someone to play ping pong with her at the club, play cards, or swim at the pool. She fit right in and felt like she belonged and that was such a gift to our family.

The natural environment and the beaches on the south Pacific coast are breathtakingly beautiful, but without community it can be lonely and intimidating. At Osa Mountain Village, we have both the stunning natural world and a sense of community. It is a combination that is unbeatable.

Dave & Debi L. (Part-time Osa Mountain Village Residents)