We Want Our Guests to Fall in Love with Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley. . .the Way We Did!

After exhaustive internet research on places to retire, including Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador….I found Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley.  It is nestled in the mountains, about a 2,000ft elevation, which provides a gentle breeze and keeps us about 5 degrees cooler than the beach towns.  With birds, animals, flowers and plants unique to this area, there is so much to see and learn about.

We are surrounded by some of the best nature parks and preserves in the world. Some of the most beautiful beaches are a short drive away. The diversity of the area is unparalleled.  But, the most important reason I love Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley, it is the people, the community.  We have a true sense of community, we care about each other and about our guests.  When you visit Osa Mountain, you become a member of our community,  We want our guests to have a trip that they will remember.  We want them to fall in love with Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley, the way we did!

Mrs. Alex Wazeter. . .part time resident!


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