Add ‘Learning to Dance Salsa” to Your List of Things to Do Prior to Visiting Costa Rica!


Ok….we all know that it is NOT MANDATORY to learn how to dance before you visit Costa Rica.  Nor is it of the utmost of importance to learn Spanish.  A rhythmless, English-only-speaking person will get along fine in this beautiful country just being a Gringo/Gringa!  You will still enjoy the wonder and awe of ‘Pura Vida’ and the colors will be brilliant and the sounds of the jungle will amaze you!

With that said….why not make it a point to Learn Spanish…just a little…and Learn How to Salsa!  Here’s the link…start now and in no time, you’ll feel like you were born in Central America and have been doing it for years!

After you practice for a while and before touching down in San Jose, take an hour or two and Google,

“Where to dance Salsa in San Jose, Costa Rica”.

You’re going to enjoy your time here in Costa Rica…and looking out from the dance floor, it will feel that much more amazing!



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