The Beautiful Beaches Here in Costa Rica!

When visiting Costa Rica, your only problem is figuring out how to spend your days.  So much to do and so many things to see here in this amazing paradise of a country!

Of course, we are known for our beautiful beaches.  Abundance is the key word here. Simply google, “Beaches in Costa Rica” and you will find dozens of places to wiggle your toes in the sand.  Take a look at this video and enjoy!  Hope to see you here!


You’re Invited to Visit Osa Mountain Village! Use Us as a Home Base for Your Travels. Explore Costa Rica! Create Some Long-Lasting Memories for You & Your Family!

So many vacation destinations.  Europe, exploring here in the USA. . .Canada. . .Bora Bora. . Tahiti. . .South America. . .wow, what a world in which we live.

I will suggest to you that you learn more about Costa Rica.  Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, in between two oceans and full of green, wildlife, volcanoes, rain forests, zip lines, great food, simply living and an amazing people, you will strongly consider this little country.  It calls you and extends its open arms to you.  You WILL FEEL WELCOME!

Take a little time today and simply Google, “Costa Rica”.  You’ll be glad you did!

We Want Our Guests to Fall in Love with Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley. . .the Way We Did!

After exhaustive internet research on places to retire, including Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador….I found Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley.  It is nestled in the mountains, about a 2,000ft elevation, which provides a gentle breeze and keeps us about 5 degrees cooler than the beach towns.  With birds, animals, flowers and plants unique to this area, there is so much to see and learn about.

We are surrounded by some of the best nature parks and preserves in the world. Some of the most beautiful beaches are a short drive away. The diversity of the area is unparalleled.  But, the most important reason I love Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley, it is the people, the community.  We have a true sense of community, we care about each other and about our guests.  When you visit Osa Mountain, you become a member of our community,  We want our guests to have a trip that they will remember.  We want them to fall in love with Osa Mountain, Toucan Valley, the way we did!

Mrs. Alex Wazeter. . .part time resident!

Learn More About Our Capital City of Costa Rica. . .San Jose! Watch the Video Below!

What a country we have here!  We feel like we need to share it with our friends, our friends to be and all of you. . .our families as well.

I just came across a video that highlights some of the finer places for you. Take a few minutes and watch now!

We’d love to get you down here…if you are moved to visit after watching the video above, then contact us here and we’ll start the process for you!

Here’s our website “contact us” page!


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Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Will Amaze You! It’s One of the Happiest Countries on the Planet!

What a great place to visit.  Only 2 1/2 hours from Miami. . .direct flight…and so much to see and do.  We invite you to learn all you can about this country.  Google it. . .YouTube it. . .Bing it. . .Bring your family and make a lot of memories!

We hope you will consider staying at Osa Mountain Village in the Southern Pacific Zone.  Here’s our website:

Contact us today and we’ll tell you all about Costa Rica in general.  Volcanoes, mountains, beaches, coffee plantations, snorkeling, horseback riding, birding, biking, chum with the locals in the big cities or the small towns!

We hope to hear from you!

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One of our main goals here is to provide you will lots and lots of information regarding one of the HAPPIEST COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET, Costa Rica!  Ebooks are a great tools to do just this!  Here we have quite a few IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD Costa Rica ebooks that we would love for you to take a look at!  Here’s the link:

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Happy Reading!