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After travelling all of Costa Rica, Osa Mountain Village is our favorite place

Left on Jul 18, 2017 for a stay in Mar 2017

Osa Mountain Village is incredibly special and it is a place that will forever remain in my heart. It is my happy place on this planet. My husband and I spent 2 years travelling around Costa Rica. We originally booked one month at Osa Mountain, but we fell in love so quickly that we ended up staying for a year. (Be warned: many people who come here never end up leaving!). The organic fruit and vegetable gardens and the bi-weekly overflowing healthy produce baskets that are included in your rent are reason enough to book a stay here. And once you see the expansive chemical-free pool, the numerous waterfalls you can hike to, the thrilling zip line tour, the community bar/restaurant, the abundant and exotic wildlife, and the friendly neighbors who welcome all with open arms, you will never want to leave. This is truly the “real” Costa Rica and you do not want to miss a chance to visit this secluded piece of pura vida paradise.


Sierpe River boat trip to Playa San Josecito, Corcovado, on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica


Thanks so much to Kari & Andy, who have been to our community & have created the “Happy Coconuts Travel Blog” for their contribution here!  Really appreciate it!  We encourage you to click through to their blog and enjoy their experiences with them in Costa Rica and beyond!

Our friend Jessica recently visited us in Costa Rica, all the way from Oregon. Through Osa Mountain Village we were able to get a great deal on a boat rental for the day. (Thanks John Magee!) Gathering a special group of friends, we began our day boating down the Sierpe river, or Rio Sierpe, through the lush mangroves, to meet up with the Pacific Ocean, on the Lobo Del Mar.

The sleepy town of Sierpe, tucked into the picturesque Diquis Valley, is the main access point for people wanting to explore the Corcovado National Park, Drake Bay, or Cano Island. The mouths of the Sierpe and Terraba rivers join together, forming the Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands, which are some of the largest mangroves on Earth.

Overflowing with diverse wildlife, our boat tour along the winding Sierpe river, through the rugged mangroves, was thrilling. Within seconds our captain spots a mammoth-sized crocodile sunning himself on the muddy shore and pulls up so we can admire his striking beauty.

Around every bend, more wildlife awaits. The eyes of our Tico captain and deckhand are impressive as they spot a troop of squirrel monkeys from across the river and navigate us over to watch them pluck ripe berries from a tree, while chirping excitedly amongst each other.

The riverbed is brimming with elegant, colorful birds, and as we float by a sand bar I manage to snap a photo of a Bare-throated Tiger-Heron standing near a Little Blue Heron.

Our goal was to spend the day at Cano Island, but our captain is cautious due to the powerful waves that are breaking between us and the Pacific Ocean. He decides to pull up to a deserted beach to wait out the weather.

Walking the untouched shore we explore the pristine beauty, as a pack of howler monkeys howl at us from a tree on the beach and a family of 6 vibrant Scarlet Macaws noisily fly overhead. The deserted shore takes our breath away with its perfection.

The sand is a mix of sparkling black and deep tan. A bubbling creek, trickling down from the jungle and meeting with the ocean, mixes the two colors into a brilliant pattern. A painting by Mother Nature herself.

Back at the boat our captain expresses hesitation about crossing the wave breakers to get closer to Cano Island. Recently a boat similar in size to ours had capsized in these waves, so he wants to make sure the conditions are safe for us.

He pulls up in front of the breakers, observing the patterns, reading the ocean like a book, waiting for the perfect, friendly lull. As the waves build and come at us in all directions, he expertly navigates the boat into and around each one. It is clear he is a skilled captain, as he circles around several times, awaiting the right moment.

The deckhand discreetly begins to grab life jackets and hands them out to all aboard. He places the last one at his feet, which is when I realize how serious this situation is. I quickly pull my lifejacket over my head, secure it, grab onto the sides of the boat and start praying.

Jessica tells me that we are not too far from shore, so if we do capsize it will be a short swim and at least we won’t be stuck out at sea for days…somehow this observation does not make me feel any better. I have had a few near-drowning experiences in my life and I have a lot of respect for the ocean. As these devastating waves crash around us, I do not want to picture myself outside the boat, in these waves, struggling to survive.

As a travel blogger, my last thought before we plow forward at full speed, directly into the waves, is that if we do capsize and I survive, at least it will make for an interesting blog post….as all my near-death experiences in Costa Rica usually do.

The captain seizes the moment, guns the gas and carves his path into the water. He sees what others cannot, using years of instinct and expert navigational skills, maneuvering around one wave, and into another. He uses our momentum, bobs and weaves, dodges and ducks each wave until the clearing opens in front of us that he was waiting for, and we finally speed to safety, leaving all the deadly breakers in our dust.

The boat erupts with applause, the Ticos cheer and high-five each other, smiling gleefully at their success. “Pura Vidas!” are shared amongst us all, the chilling silence is replaced by excited chatter and shouts as we marvel over our terrifying encounter with the angry sea.

​Continuing on our route we eventually see Cano Island in the distance, and notice an intense storm quickly approaching the shore.

So instead we pull into Playa San Josecito, located along the edge of the Corcovado National Park, to spend some time snorkeling and lounging on the beach, happy to be alive and not wanting to gamble with the sea again.

Due to a wet landing and having to swim to shore I was not able to bring my camera with us, so of course we had the most epic monkey encounter of our lives once on land. Sneaking up on a pack of white-faced capucin monkeys we observed them for what felt like hours, as they foraged on the ground for snacks.

​Andy and I laughed as one of the monkeys lifted up a heavy coconut, nearly his size, and walks off, upright, like a human, carrying it above his head. He gingerly walks up a bending tree trunk, finding the perfect spot. He dramatically lifts the coconut high in the air and slams it onto the tree branch, trying to get to the sweet water inside.

We eventually have to pull ourselves away from our monkey meeting, and pile back onto the boat to head back before dark. The waves have calmed down and the return trip is peaceful and calm. The scenery in the late afternoon light leaves us speechless once again.

The animals are not done putting on a show for us just yet. From the front of the boat Andy spots a sloth hanging from a tree over the riverbed, munching on leaves. The captain pulls up beneath him so we can snap photos, and notices two other sloths lounging in the trees nearby.

The evening sun starts to fade and night descends. We are happy to be alive. The sunset-colored sky is mirrored in the water below, and our magical boat day of exploring the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica ties itself up into a perfect, pink package.

Pura Vida to all, and to all a good night…

Written by” Kari & Andy from Happy Coconuts Travel Blog!


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A Secluded Jungle Paradise

This blog post was written by Kari, one of our most beloved guests who arrived with her husband Andy, on a 30 day reservation.  They followed their dream of traveling Costa Rica for two years.  After spending a year up north, they headed to The Southern Zone.   We fell in  love with them,  they fell in love with us, so they cancelled their remaining travel plans and stayed with us for an entire year 🙂  They became family and we miss them dearly.  Her blog post was completely unsolicited and beautiful.  It is a lovely testimony to who and what we are … enjoy!

What a Bunch of Great People at Osa Mountain Village / Toucan Valley at Osa!

If you knew what I know, you’d be on the next fast jet to Costa Rica.

Our cozy community here in paradise could be what you’re looking for!  Surrounded by jungle & lots of mountains. . .amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. . .wildlife, too!  The howler monkeys are nature’s alarm clock.  The toucans and scarlet macaws are abundant. . .butterflies, fruit trees & the feeling of PURA VIDA surrounds your soul!

The people set the overall feeling in any community!  Sure we have had to weed out some of the nasty ones, but we did a great job of it.  Now, we have the cream of the crop! Friendly souls & smiling faces are standing by, ready to welcome you with open arms!  In the event that we get a nasty one here again,  we have a trained howler monkey. . .he comes down from the trees and takes them  away for us!  Simple as that!  You’re in paradise here and we try so hard to live up to that huge responsibility when you are visiting!  We want to create such a great atmosphere for you and your family that you may want to just stay longer than you had planned!

Did you know that it’s a great idea to use Osa Mountain Village /Toucan Valley at Osa as your HOME BASE while visiting Costa Rica?  SO MANY things to do at & close by to our community.  When you get a chance, simply google, “Drake Bay”, “Corcovado National Park”, “The Whale’s Tail”, “Cano Island”, Sierpe River Mangrove Boat Tours”, “Whale Watching close to Cano Island”. . .and so much more!

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Ted … Written by Bruce Bachtel

Ted is not a person.  Ted is a Toucan and he visits me every morning at 8:00 am.  I have told him many times, I prefer a 9:00 am wake up call.  He looks at me as if he does not understand.  He talks and talks and I look at him as if I do not understand.  We have a typical human/bird relationship.  He departs everyday to the south and I have no idea where he goes all day.
I am up and walking and not sore.  My body feels like it is healing itself everyday.  I am in motion most of the day and eating healthy.  The hammock and I have an understanding in the afternoon.  The hammock will cradle me from 2:00 to 3:00 and I will wander off and dream.
The pounds drop off because I cannot find junk food up here on this mountain.  There is no McDonalds, no Burger King, no Dairy Queen to be found.  We grow our own food up here and exercise by accident.  No electric alarm clocks, no deadlines, no pressures with only fresh air and fresh food.  Maybe how life should be?  Add in love, happiness, and doing for others and maybe a foundation is formed for eternal happiness.
Dinner tonight came close to eternal bliss. Fresh fish, fresh vegetables, and fresh air were the courses.  Eating outside is always a blessing.  Night time has come.  Where did the day go?  By most, I have accomplished nothing.  By my new standards, I have done much and am fulfilled.
I lay on the couch looking at two ceiling fans.  One is turning on high like a jet engine.  The other is only moving because of a gentle breeze.  How symbolic of my old life vs my new intentions.  I know the jet engine fan will eventually blow and burn out.  The fan above me may just turn forever as I lay on this couch forever.
Days have no names on this mountain. Hours do not matter.  Ted pushes that religion on me every morning.  No, I am not in Heaven.  I am up here at 2,000 feet in elevation at another paradise.  I am at Osa Mountain Village in the Jungle of Southern Costa Rica.  I must rest now.  Ted will arrive in less than 8 hours.  I have the most beautiful alarm clock in the world.  BB

So Many Things to Do & See At & Close By to Osa Mountain Village / Toucan Valley at Osa!

The reason that we are so excited about inviting you & your family to Osa Mountain Village is that there are so many things to see and do here!  From San Jose to Osa Mountain Village, plan on spending about 4 hours on the road.  My suggestion would be to actually give yourselves 5 or 6 hours and have fun along the way.  You can contact me at and I will send you a list of video links that will keep you busy and point out some of the coolest places to visit and things to do along the way to Osa Mountain Village!

I recommend that you simply “Google” some of these places right now and get yourself so excited, you won’t be able to stand it!

The Whale’s Tail Costa Rica * Cano Island * Corcovado National Park * Uvita * Ojochal * Dominical * San Isidro * Sierpe River Mangrove Tours * Osa Canopy Tour * Whale Watching in Drake Bay * Snorkeling Tours Cano Island * Horseback Riding Close to Palmar Norte Costa Rica . . .  This will keep you busy for the next couple of hours!

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See you soon in paradise!

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